African-European Narratives
A project of NOVA FCSH
Fac. of Social Sciences and Humanities
NOVA University of Lisbon

With the support of Europe for Citizens Program of the European Union

African-European Narratives
 is a storytelling project that addresses the interplay of African and European cultures, widely present in contemporary European societies, rooted in the personal and family stories of many Europeans. Stories of a post-colonial present, of African origin and descent, of colonial memory and post-memory, of wars and conflict, of migration, diaspora and return. The purpose of this project is to address the complexity of this cultural interplay through the richness and diversity of these experiences. Telling stories uncovers the intercultural fabric of contemporary societies and multiplies the voices that can be heard. It also deepens our memory and triggers our imagination, helping us to make sense of who we are. This is why stories are such powerful tools against dominant narratives.


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